Reading Week

As a student, reading week (aka half term) is a great way to catch up on everything, whether it be work, seeing friends or re-energising yourself. I found myself visiting loads of different places in London and spending some time learning more about different types of foods. Here is my packed week so far: Sunday: A … Continue reading Reading Week


Cereal Killer Cafe

Yes, did I tell you I was vegan? Over the past few weeks I have found that there are many places to eat out in London while still satisfying my taste buds such as food markets with at least one vegan stand. Finding myself at a cereal cafe! Yes that's right! That i'd be able … Continue reading Cereal Killer Cafe

12 Top Vegan Places to visit in London

Got that weekend feeling? Looking for a place to Brunch? Here are the top 10 places in London that are amazingly vegan free: Manna; Brilliant varied menu  consisting of nachos and pasta (Primrose Hill) Black Cat Café; 100% Vegan, fry ups available, great location for brunch (Clarence Rd) Tanya’s Café; A fashionable, friendly and greenhouse feel, … Continue reading 12 Top Vegan Places to visit in London

You Probably didn’t know you were Vegan

As I embark on my adventure, here are a few foods that I have found on the way that are VEGAN! For those with a sweet tooth: Starburst, Skittles, Jelly Tots, 70/80 and 90% Lindt chocolate Walkers crisps- salt & vinegar, ready salted, prawn cocktail, worcester sauce Pringles, Kettle Chips Fox's Party Rings, McVitie’s – Ginger Nuts, Fruit … Continue reading You Probably didn’t know you were Vegan