Chilli con Quorn

A twist on chilli con carne, but with more benefits! Quorn, a source of protein, contains lower saturated fats and dietary fibre in which more people are substituting into their meals, even if they aren’t vegetarian to give them that healthier lifestyle.


Fact: Quorn contains only 54% of the calories of beef mince (about 22% of the fats and 14% of the saturates)

Here is my simple, one pot wonder chilli con quorn:

(Makes around 4-5 portions)


Tin of tomatoes,

Tin of Black Beans,

Chilli powder,

Packet of Quorn,

handful of vegetables, I choose red pepper, potatoes diced, carrots


  1. Cook the quorn, and combine the vegetables.
  2. Cook the rice, and leave till the end
  3. Add the tin of tomatoes and the black beans last,
  4. Combine all together, and bring to the boil

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