Reading Week

As a student, reading week (aka half term) is a great way to catch up on everything, whether it be work, seeing friends or re-energising yourself. I found myself visiting loads of different places in London and spending some time learning more about different types of foods. Here is my packed week so far:

Sunday: A day for relaxing? Starting the day off right (and prepping for pancake day), making these bad boys was a good start to the day. Packed with goodness, the pumpkin seeds and strawberries with a splash of lemon fuelled me for the rest of the day. (Keep an eye out for the recipe soon!)



img_0472Monday: A busy Monday, starting off with some retail therapy and finding myself in the foodcourt of Selfridges. With a wide selection of salads, meats, fresh fish etc I found myself looking at a vegan pizza topped with mushrooms. After a hard morning of hitting the shops, this was perfect for a quick on the go snack/lunch.

Heading towards east London for the evening, and some needed drinking time (of course, it’s Monday!), Shoreditch’s Ping Pong Bar was just what we needed.


After all the afternoon drinking, some food was needed and All Bar One was the nearest to go to. With a range of selection of food on their menu ranging from pastas, burgers and sandwiches, I found myself at the tapas section. I found that this would be an easier option as some places may be limited. Therefore dips such as hummus, sides such as sweet potato and salad are an easier option to go for, which still keeps you full and good for you.

Tuesday: Another day exploring the city, but this time visiting a cereal cafe for brunch. The most sugar overdose place that will also take you back in time with old cereal posters and decor. By the time the sugar has worn off, it’s time for dinner, and nothing beats a good old pub meal. Depending on the pub, it is also again harder to select certain dishes from the menu, however with a few alternatives there should be a couple of things to choose from. A butternut squash salad (without the feta) with chips was an easy alternative, yet still delicious.



Wednesday: A mid-week chilled kind of day, and finding myself back at Selfridges foodcourt but this time for a vegan potato gnocchi with tomato sauce.

Follow for more updates and places that I recommend, I will be visiting Paris this weekend and therefore will be uploading my adventures soon!





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