12 Top Vegan Places to visit in London

Got that weekend feeling? Looking for a place to Brunch? Here are the top 10 places in London that are amazingly vegan free: Manna; Brilliant varied menu  consisting of nachos and pasta (Primrose Hill) Black Cat Café; 100% Vegan, fry ups available, great location for brunch (Clarence Rd) Tanya’s Café; A fashionable, friendly and greenhouse feel, … Continue reading 12 Top Vegan Places to visit in London


Bulgur Wheat

Another alternative to having couscous or quinoa, Bulgur is a cereal food made from many wheat species and is a kind of dried cracked wheat. It is half cooked, and therefore provides many benefits due to this. It is naturally high in fiber, contains a source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. As a step up … Continue reading Bulgur Wheat

You Probably didn’t know you were Vegan

As I embark on my adventure, here are a few foods that I have found on the way that are VEGAN! For those with a sweet tooth: Starburst, Skittles, Jelly Tots, 70/80 and 90% Lindt chocolate Walkers crisps- salt & vinegar, ready salted, prawn cocktail, worcester sauce Pringles, Kettle Chips Fox's Party Rings, McVitie’s – Ginger Nuts, Fruit … Continue reading You Probably didn’t know you were Vegan